Volunteer to Monitor Pipeline Construction

Volunteer Pipeline Visual Assessment Program

The Volunteer Pipeline Visual Assessment Program is a collaborative effort developed in partnership with Trout Unlimited, Wild Virginia, Appalachian Voices and West Virginia Rivers Coalition to support and train volunteer citizen observers to identify, document and report pollution incidents associated with large-scale pipeline development. Mountain Valley Watch helps coordinate pollution tracking and reporting on the Mountain Valley Pipeline project in collaboration with volunteer monitors, landowners, and advocates in Virginia and West Virginia.

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Through a series of free webinars, volunteers learn about erosion control best management practices used in pipeline development, specific examples of pollution to look for, and how to best document those problems. After the webinars, volunteer observers will be able to report pollution incidents to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.

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Volunteers are needed to document tree clearing, erosion and sedimentation problems, stream crossings, and other impacts of Mountain Valley Pipeline construction in our communities. Do not enter construction areas. If you see problematic practices — such as excessive runoff or damage to waterways due to construction activity, unsafe work practices, and ineffective erosion and sediment controls — please take photos and or video, document the date and time, and record the location data. Contact our monitoring coordinators with the form below.

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R. Chisholm

Volunteer organizer and pipeline monitor for POWHR and Preserve Giles County. Coffee wrangler.