MVP Submits Work Plan for North Fork Valley RHD, Cultural Resource Surveys in Southern WV

Mountain Valley Pipeline filed supplemental materials March 15 in the FERC docket. Included in the filing was the Work Plan and Schedule for the North Fork Valley Rural Historic District in Montgomery County, VA.

The North Fork Valley Rural Historic District Work Plan was filed along with letters sent to eight stakeholders with notice of the filing. Some, but not all, letters were delivered with a copy of the work plan itself.

Also included in the filing was a letter to the West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office (WV SHPO) regarding “Cultural Resources Identification and Evaluation Surveys, Addendum 9 to Volume IV, Summers and Monroe Counties, West Virginia.”

While the Cultural Resources Surveys themselves were filed with the supplemental information as well, they were specifically marked as “Privileged” by MVP and are not available to the public.

>> MVP Supplemental Materials Filed 3/15/18

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