A Coalition to Protect Our Water, Heritage, Rights

POWHR is an umbrella organization for groups of activists from counties primarily but not exclusively along the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline corridor (FERC Docket CP16-10). We are a closely knit, grass roots coalition within which outstanding friendships and alliances have developed and continue to grow.

Our groups are from the following counties:

West Virginia: Harrison, Lewis, Upshur, Greenbrier, Summers, Pocahontas and Monroe.
Virginia: Giles, Montgomery, Craig, Floyd, Roanoke, Franklin, and Pittsylvania.

POWHR members extensively network with myriad organizations, groups, agencies and individuals throughout West Virginia and Virginia whose missions are consistent with our own. We are a Community Partner with Virginia Organizing.

Learn more about each organization through their websites and/or Facebook pages:

Preserve Bent Mountain
Preserve Craig
Preserve Floyd
Preserve Franklin
Preserve Giles County
Preserve Greenbrier County
Preserve Monroe
Save Monroe
Preserve Montgomery County, VA
Mountain Lakes Preservation Alliance
Preserve the NRV
Preserve Roanoke
Summers County Residents Against the Pipeline

Together we will Protect Our Water, Heritage, Rights!