Army Corps of Engineers Comments Due May 28th

Public Comments Needed! Tell the Army Corps of Engineers by May 28th  – MVP is NOT in the Public Interest!

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Email a quick comment to the Army Corps of Engineers — request a public hearing, express your concern about waterbodies MVP wants to cross, the potential greenhouse gas emissions of the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) and more.

MVP has twice lost their former stream crossing permits — once in 2018 when the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals vacated the Army Corps of Engineers’ Nationwide 12 permit, and once in 2020 when the 4th circuit issued a stay of construction “stating the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ approval of water permitting for the project was likely illegal” for near 1,000 waterbodies (Mike Tony, Charleston Gazette-Mail) — but we need your comments because the MVP is trying a different approach to get the permits it needs to complete the pipeline. There are over 600 waterbodies that MVP still wants to cross, including some of the steepest slopes, the most delicate habitats and the largest rivers, none of which should have the MVP — a 303 mile, 42-inch high-pressure gas line that would emit 90 million annual metric tons of greenhouse gases — slicing through them. 

Your voice is needed — tell the Army Corps that the MVP is NOT in the public interest, ask for a public hearing, and tell them why they must deny the permit.

QUICK HITS – Sign These Letters by May 28th!  


Send this quick letter made by our friends at Appalachian Voices

Send this quick letter written by our friends at West Virginia Rivers. Thanks also to our friends at WV Rivers for help in drafting our comment guide. 

Please consider writing your own comment if you are able!

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