Beleaguered MVP Announces Further Delays and Budget Increases

Washington, D.C. — The Mountain Valley Pipeline reported to the Security and Exchange Commission that their budget has increased to $7.2 billion – from an initial budget of $3.7 billion – and they have delayed completion of the project to early 2024 – from an initial completion date of 2018. 

MVP reports that workers are refusing to work for them because of the legal battles they have stumbled into after incurring hundreds of environmental violations. MVP reports the increased costs and delays are because the land they chose to build the pipeline on is too difficult – something community members have made clear for a decade. 

Denali Nalamalapu, communications director of the Protect Our Water, Heritage, Rights Coalition (POWHR) responded:

“Despite getting a greenlight from Congress, MVP can’t finish this project. This pipeline is not only objectively useless – it poses a mortal danger to people living on the route. MVP is a fracked gas pipeline blaming workers for why it hasn’t been able to complete the project during a climate crisis. This mayhem underlines the need for a just transition to renewable energy – where workers and frontline communities are centered and fossil fuels are phased out. The MVP is an embarrassment to every bank, insurer, government, and agency who has ever touched it and must be stopped now.”


Press Contact: Denali Nalamalapu, (302) 307-6966‬,