Flood the FERC! MVP Comment Party

Take notice that on November 18, 2020, Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC (Mountain Valley), 2200 Energy Drive Canonsburg, Pennsylvania 15317, filed an application under section 7(c) of the Natural Gas Act (NGA), and Part 157 of the Commission’s regulations requesting authorization to amend Mountain Valley’s existing certificate of public convenience and necessity (Certificate) for the Mountain … Continue reading Flood the FERC! MVP Comment Party

Uphill Climb for MVP?

According to data in Mountain Valley Pipeline’s most recently filed Weekly Report #156 reporting on construction status through October 23, 2020, only 236 miles of pipe (78%) are in place and backfilled, which leaves 67 miles remaining.

ARTivism Virginia Celebrates 10th SUN SiNG iN PLACE Concert!

As their last concert of 2020, ARTivism is proud to amplify the steady and effective progress over 25 years of Virginia Organizing’s empowerment of individuals, communities, and grassroots organizations across the Commonwealth, and its long-running work to get out the vote.

COVID-19 Cases Rise as MVP Refuses to Release Safety Plans

Resident concerns over the staging of large numbers of pipeline workers during a pandemic are growing as Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP), whose workers appeared to defy state guidelines outlined in Virginia’s pandemic-specific workplace safety standards in photos, requested to resume construction and as recent revelations showed that the Governor’s Office and the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) actually worked behind the scenes with MVP to allow the pipeline company to skirt around the requirement for COVID-19 mitigation plans.

The Battle for Brush Mountain

Each morning I arise, walk to the bedroom window and gaze out across miles of undulating blue mountain ridges and the moody skies that illuminate the New River Valley. Some days all I see are cottony pillows of dense fog obscuring the land below. Other mornings I witness vibrant sunrises that splash an artist’s palette … Continue reading The Battle for Brush Mountain