Tell Governor Northam to oppose fracked gas pipelines.

Governor Ralph Northam has consistently ignored the demands of environmental justice communities to oppose the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Mountain Valley Pipeline. These pipelines are destroying land, water and community resources. Call his office today and tell him: for the sake of the rural communities and historically marginalized communities like Union Hill, stop building new fracked gas infrastructure during a climate crisis! Demand a full hearing on MVP Southgate from his Department of Environmental Quality and instruct DEQ to reject any state permits for the Southgate extension. Tell him you refuse to allow more communities to be damaged by MVP due to their track record of hundreds of violations of Virginia’s environmental laws.

Call 804-786-2211.

While you’re at it, call your Virginia Delegate!

Call your Virginia Senator!

In West Virginia, call your Delegate!

In the beautiful Mountain State of West Virginia, call your Senator!

Demand an end to runaway fracked gas expansion and tell them you support renewable energy and a just transition off of fossil fuels.