Pick Your Poison: MVP Threatens Health

In this revealing presentation, Dr. Tina Smusz describes the dangers to public health inflicted on communities by construction and operation of fracked gas pipelines and compressor stations.   Every stage of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, from tree clearing through construction and operation, carries pollution. However, it has the most serious consequences for pregnant women, their … Continue reading Pick Your Poison: MVP Threatens Health

Citizen Voices: Marge Lewter

Published with permission from Marge Lewter of Craig County, Virginia. Dear Governor Northam, I supported you in the recent election because I knew you were an honest and concerned person. I know you recently met with the Virginia DEQ supporting their PROTECTION and PRESERVATION of our water supplies. I plead with you to take a … Continue reading Citizen Voices: Marge Lewter

Citizen Voices: Don Jones

Donald Jones lives in Southwest Virginia and has spoken out extensively against the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Posted with permission. “Today is March 23, 2018. It’s a sad day for us. Here is the devastation MVP (Mountain Valley Pipeline) left after just one day on our family farm lands that have been in the care of … Continue reading Citizen Voices: Don Jones