Citizen Voices: Don Jones

Donald Jones lives in Southwest Virginia and has spoken out extensively against the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Posted with permission.

“Today is March 23, 2018. It’s a sad day for us. Here is the devastation MVP (Mountain Valley Pipeline) left after just one day on our family farm lands that have been in the care of the Jones’s families for 10 generations. Eighty years of growth felled in 8 hours. It’s devastating and heartbreaking.

“Where is the outrage about all of our 5th amendment rights? It is unbelievable in 2018 after so many of our young men and women have courageously given their lives to protect citizen rights across the globe that U S citizens are stripped of basic property rights just for big business profits. MVP doesn’t even have all their permits to build their 42” 1400 psi fracked gas pipeline yet. We are waiting to see if Governor Northam will now hold MVP to the ‘highest standards’ regarding Virginia’s waters.

“Thanks for your patience and endurance for the last 4 years while we were trying to stop this horrendous project from plowing through our beloved Appalachian Mountains. We can’t even bear to think of telling Dad what has happened today. Unfortunately it is his legacy and he will have to be told. We have fallen so pathetically short of his expectations. He was so sure we could win this fight as long as we were on the side of all things good. We were blessed with an opportunity to take him home one more time last week after a community prayer service held in Newport. He was able to look out over his mountains and valleys one more time without this ugly scar scraped across it.

Clear cut trees for fracked gas pipeline.
Devastation on The Jones Family Land in Giles County.

“Lots of prayers will be needed going forward. For Dad. For Virginia and West Virginia. For all of our waters. For our whole planet. For all of our grandchildren’s future legacy. Thanks to the awesome young folks who are now guarding the trees in West Virginia. We are awed by your fortitude and selfless actions. We are still fighting for the day that we see a change in awareness and gratitude for our earthly home. You have our thanks and support. Please support them! They are working from their hearts for good things for all. Please support your local Preserve groups! They have been working tirelessly for 4 long years for their communities not their own back yards. Please support an environmental group! They are dedicated to the work of keeping us from ruining our own world.”


While the devastation continues as MVP cuts our treasured trees and plans for construction, there is still more work to be done. Please consider signing up to be a citizen monitor of MVP’s construction activities in order to hold them accountable for any violations of permits or standards. Additionally, please consider donating to the POWHR Coalition to help continued efforts to stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline.


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R. Chisholm

Volunteer organizer and pipeline monitor for POWHR and Preserve Giles County. Coffee wrangler.