For our first book club, POWHR read Earth Emotions: New Words for a New World by Glenn A. Albrecht. We made a handout so you can look at many of the emotions Glenn writes about in the book, and take a look at some more resources for processing difficult, and good, emotions around climate and ecological change. Enjoy!


Download POWHR’s Earth Emotions Handout:

Supporting POWHR: 

Resources for climate emotions: 

  • Generation Dread newsletter: Resources for working with climate change emotions issue
  • All We Can Save project: Nurturing a welcoming, connected, and leaderful climate community, rooted in the work and wisdom of women, to grow a life-giving future.
  • Climate Psychology Alliance: Psychology for understanding and facing climate change and difficult truths – responding to ecological crisis and helping each other engage.
  • Find workshops, retreats, and study groups and learn about the Work That Reconnects
  • Just a few recommended books: 
    • Active Hope: How to Face The Mess We’re in Without Going Crazy by Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone
    • All We Can Save [All We Can Save is an anthology of writings by 60 women at the forefront of the climate movement who are harnessing truth, courage, and solutions to lead humanity forward]
    • A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety by Sarah Jaquette Ray