FERC Approves Portions of MVP Stabilization Plan

Two days after Mountain Valley Pipeline’s proposed Stabilization Plan was submitted August 8, FERC approved 15 of the 22 proposed actions there included. The approval came despite ongoing objections from over 25 advocacy groups, local governments, and individuals.

The Stabilization Plan was filed in response to FERC’s Notice of Stop Work Order, issued August 3.

Along approximately 80 miles of the route, MVP proposed to fully install the pipeline in order to restore the area to “final stabilization,” which would allow MVP to ostensibly complete almost one-third of the pipeline’s construction while under a full stop work order from FERC along the entire route.

In addition to the public filing for MVP’s proposed stabilization plan, there were documents filed in the FERC docket marked as “Privileged,” and thus are not available to the public.

MVP Proposed Stabilization Plan, Submitted 8/8/18

FERC Partial Approval of MVP Stabilization Plan, Filed 8/10/18

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