FERC Approves Variance Requests F-1 and G-2

FERC approved two of Mountain Valley Pipeline’s most recent variance requests April 3 and 4. MVP originally made the requests March 27.

In the April 3 approval for the new Trinity-Beckley Yard in Raleigh County, WV, FERC included the following provisions:

  1. Overnight parking, refueling, and equipment maintenance are permitted within 100 feet of wetlands and waterbodies only if the Environmental Inspector determines that there is no reasonable alternative and with appropriate steps taken to prevent and respond to spills (including secondary containment) per our Wetland and Waterbody Construction and Mitigation Procedures (Procedures) Section IV.A.1.d;
  2. The channel for waterbody S-CV31 ends, however the water does continue to sheet flow downhill. The portion of waterbody S-CV31 that turns into sheet flow meets the definition of a FERC waterbody (perceptible flow) and will need to be treated as a waterbody;
  3. The variance request indicates no bat portals have been identified near MVP-LY-050. Therefore, trees may be cleared until May 31. No tree clearing can occur from June 1 through July 31.

FERC Letter Granting Variance Request F-1

In the April 4 approval of an additional laydown yard in Giles County, VA, FERC simply stated that the plan for the new 14.8 acre yard was in compliance with Environmental Condition No. 5 of the FERC Certificate for MVP.

FERC Letter Granting Variance Request G-2