FERC Fails to Complete Historic Resource Analysis on Mountain Valley Pipeline

Greater Newport Rural Historic District Committee and

Preserve Newport Historic Properties

Press Release

FERC Fails to Complete Historic Resource Analysis on Proposed Pipeline, Relies on Incomplete and Faulty Reports

FERC, in its Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS), concedes that it has not completed analyzing the effects on historic resources (including seven historic districts). This pipeline project will do direct irreparable harm to seven of Virginia’s historic and rural historic districts which cannot be mitigated despite the report’s implication. The incomplete results FERC did present in the FEIS are based on faulty and incomplete cultural resource reports submitted by Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP). As fully documented by the Greater Newport Rural Historic District Committee, these reports are riddled with misidentified, wildly mislocated, and altogether missing historic properties. It is hard to understand how after several years of studying this route, MVP and FERC still do not know where the Districts’ historic resources are located in relation to the MVP Project. We can only conclude this is purposeful.

(Click here to read PDF statement from Virginia Department of Historic Resources.)

Regarding analysis of adverse effects on our Federally designated rural historic districts, FERC fails to address the cultural landscapes, traditional cultural properties, and cultural attachment to land. While recent court cases and experts have established the need to fully speak to these issues, FERC does not even address these issues in the FEIS. Further, FERC actually ignores MVP’s and our expert reports on the adverse impact of the proposed pipeline while refusing to offer expert analysis of its own.

The FEIS’s greatest flaw is its complete failure to adequately study alternatives that can avoid crossing the seven historic districts. These alternative routes exist and the record clearly demonstrates that they have substantially less adverse historic, cultural, and environmental impacts than the currently proposed route.

We continue to witness a complete disregard of the rights and interests of the communities that are threatened with permanent damage by this proposed pipeline” said Clarence Givens – Preserve Newport Historic Properties Chairman. “We continue to look in vain for some recognition of the devastating impact this pipeline would have on our communities and will continue our fight until our voices are heard. People’s lives are at risk wherever this pipeline is placed, in the selected route, safety should be the paramount concern.”

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R. Chisholm

Volunteer organizer and pipeline monitor for POWHR and Preserve Giles County. Coffee wrangler.