FERC Grants NTP No. 14, Implementation of Historic District Treatment Plans in VA

On March 13, FERC granted Mountain Valley Pipeline’s request to begin the implementation of treatment plans for the following historic districts:

  1. Big Stony Creek Historic District in Giles County, VA
  2. Greater Newport Rural Historic District in Giles County, VA
  3. North Fork Valley Rural Historic District in Montgomery County, VA
  4. Bent Mountain Rural Historic District in Roanoke County, VA
  5. Coles Terry Historic District in Roanoke County, VA
  6. Bent Mountain Apple Orchard Rural Historic District in Roanoke County, VA
  7. North side of archaeological site 44FR370 in Franklin County, VA

In the filing, FERC stipulates that MVP must have landowner permission or executed easement agreements prior to implementation of treatment measures.

Additionally, MVP cannot construct within the boundaries of any of the adversely affected historic properties until after it has documented that field work has been completed, through the filing of Management Summaries in accordance with Stipulation IV.H of the PA, and receives a notice to proceed with construction from FERC.

MVP’s request for permission to begin the implementation of treatment plans for the historic districts was originally filed March 9.

>> FERC Letter Granting Implementation of Treatment Plans in Virginia

On March 14, FERC also granted MVP’s Request for Notice to Proceed No. 14. The request was originally filed March 5, and allows construction to begin on the following:

  1. Discontiguous portions of the pipeline in Harrison, Monroe, Nicholas, and Summers Counties, West Virginia, and Franklin County, Virginia
  2. One additional temporary workspace and one access road in Harrison County, WV
  3. One workspace in Doddridge County, WV
  4. 19 workspaces and two access roads in Nicholas County, WV
  5. Five workspaces and one access road in Summers County, WV
  6. Four workspaces and five access roads in Monroe County, WV
  7. Three access roads in Lewis County, WV
  8. One access road in Webster County, WV
  9. Two access roads in Giles County, VA
  10. Two access roads in Franklin County, VA
  11. One access road in Pittsylvania County, VA

In granting this Notice to Proceed, FERC determined that MVP’s Implementation Plan, filed October 31, 2017, and its supplements “included the information necessary to meet the conditions of the Commission’s October 13, 2017 Order Issuing Certificates and Granting Abandonment Authority (Order) in the above-referenced docket governing commencement of construction.”

>> Notice to Proceed No. 14