FERC Grants NTP No. 16, Approves Variance Request C-1

FERC approved Mountain Valley Pipeline’s Request for Notice to Proceed No. 16 March 22, only two days after the request was filed.

The Notice to Proceed allows the construction of discontiguous portions of the pipeline in Monroe County, West Virginia. Additionally, the notice allows construction at one additional temporary workspace (ATWS) and one access road in Summers County, WV, as well as three ATWS and two access roads in Monroe County, WV.

MVP Notice to Proceed No. 16

FERC also approved MVP’s request for variance C-1 March 23. The variance was originally requested March 19 and shifts a portion of the pipeline route in Braxton County, WV to avoid a bat portal labeled as PS-WV3-Y-1.

The original request did not appear in the public FERC docket because the request itself was labeled as “Privileged” upon filing. FERC’s eLibrary system still does not allow access to the original request.

FERC Letter Granting Variance Request C-1