FERC Issues NTP No. 12, Allows Tree Cutting in Jefferson National Forest

FERC issued Notice to Proceed No. 12 March 1, just one day after Mountain Valley Pipeline filed the request to which the notice responds. The Notice allows the hand-felling of trees to being in the Jefferson National Forest in discontinuous segments along the pipeline route between about mileposts 196.4 and 221.1, and at five additional temporary workspaces and two access roads in Giles and Montgomery Counties, Virginia. The Notice does NOT allow construction to commence at these sites.

Additionally, the Notice delineated the following clarifications:

“You may not cut any trees within 300 feet of each side of the pipeline crossing of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail (ANST), between about MPs 196.29 and 196.39 as stated in the BLM’s February 19, 2018 notice to proceed with clearing, and in accordance with Mountain Valley’s ANST bore and crossing plan. You may not conduct other construction activities, including pipeline installation, within the Jefferson National Forest until after Mountain Valley documents it has permission for those activities from the BLM. In addition, Mountain Valley must adhere to the conditions outlined in the BLM’s notice to proceed with tree clearing, including avoidance of impacts on archaeological site 44GS241.”

>> MVP Notice to Proceed No. 12