FERC Issues NTP Nos. 7 and 8

FERC issued Notices to Proceed Nos. 7 and 8 to Mountain Valley Pipeline on February 14 and 15, respectively. The original requests by MVP were filed February 2 and 5, respectively.

Notice to Proceed No. 7 includes permission to construct the following components:

  1. Pipeline segments between mileposts 283.9 and 289.1 in Pittsylvania County, VA
  2. Pipeline segments between mileposts 289.5 and 303.9 in Pittsylvania County, VA
  3. The Transco Interconnect in Pittsylvania County, VA
  4. 6 yards, 91 additional temporary workspaces, 11 ancillary areas and points of intersection, and 1 access road in Montgomery, Franklin, and Pittsylvania Counties in VA

This Notice to Proceed comes despite the lack of definitive rezoning of the property in Pittsylvania County, VA where MVP is planning to build the Transco Interconnect. The permit application rezoning the property from A-1 to M-2 is being heard before the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, February 20.

To that effect, Karen Maute of Danville, VA filed comments just after NTP No. 7 was issued, expressing her frustration that FERC is effectively “turning our zoning ordinance into toilet paper.”

MVP Notice to Proceed No. 7

Karen Maute Comments on NTP No. 7

Notice to Proceed No. 8 includes permission to begin construction of the pipeline between mileposts 9.3 and 65.5, as well as 267 additional temporary workspaces in Doddridge, Harrison, and Lewis Counties, West Virginia.

MVP Notice to Proceed No. 8