Flood the FERC! MVP Comment Party

Take notice that on November 18, 2020, Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC (Mountain Valley), 2200 Energy Drive Canonsburg, Pennsylvania 15317, filed an application under section 7(c) of the Natural Gas Act (NGA), and Part 157 of the Commission’s regulations requesting authorization to amend Mountain Valley’s existing certificate of public convenience and necessity (Certificate) for the Mountain Valley Pipeline Project (Project). Mountain Valley requests that the Commission amend the Certificate to grant Mountain Valley the ability to complete construction of the Project between Mileposts 0 and 77 by crossing all remaining applicable wetlands and waterbodies using conventional bores. In addition, Mountain Valley requests approval of a minor shift in the permanent right-of-way to entirely avoid one wetland (A-002 at Milepost 0.70). Mountain Valley states that amending its Certificate to use 41 conventional bores to cross 69 waterbodies and wetlands that the Commission originally authorized to be crossed using an open-cut method will enable Mountain Valley to complete construction of this segment.

See the archived event from West Virginia Rivers Coalition, the POWHR Coalition and Appalachian Voices to learn about the new FERC docket for MVP (CP21-12), MVP’s request to amend the original certificate and bore under waterways, and how you can weigh in by FERC’s December 21 deadline.

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For background on how agencies bend over backwards every time MVP gets in trouble, read this coverage from Mountain State Spotlight:

Federal regulators are rewriting environmental rules so a massive pipeline can be built across West Virginia

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