Forest Protectors Post Up on Peter’s Mountain in WV

A group of pipeline resisters have set up a tree sit on the West Virginia side of Peter’s Mountain, within the Jefferson National Forest.

A press release was posted to It’s Going Down February 27 by an anonymous contributor.

“We know that resource extraction and the exploitation inherent to it is not new to Appalachia—it’s scarred into the land,” the press release said. “We stand in solidarity with all those who have fought for their communities and against corporate greed. We recognize that the struggle we continue today began in 1492. Our struggle against these pipelines remains a struggle against settler-colonialism.”

Roanoke Times reported on the story February 28 after speaking with one of the individuals involved via cell phone.

“We’re hoping to delay it, at least,” Ashley Brown told the Roanoke Times. “And I think we have the power to stop it.”

Pipeline resistors up in the trees with banner.
#StoptheMVP #KeepItInTheGround