From a Grateful Community

As we close out 2020 and turn another page in the long story of the extraordinary fight against Mountain Valley Pipeline, we sought out some of the faces and voices of those who have witnessed firsthand not only the devastation and anguish of living in a sacrifice zone, but also the power and strength of advocacy and community. Across Virginia and West Virginia we want to directly thank the growing coalition of activists, volunteers, researchers, banner painters, organizers and especially the attorneys who have worked tirelessly for justice. In many cases their hard work benefits underserved rural people (and critters) they will never meet who have cheered their efforts and celebrated our collective victories along the way. For knowing what questions to ask and which arguments to raise, we thank you. For often answering difficult questions with straightforward answers, we thank you. For conference calls, Zoom meetings, virtual hearings and countless emails, we thank you. For drafting and editing and helping us find our own words for declarations and comments, we thank you. For believing that we will win, THANK YOU.

In better days ahead we will gather and celebrate our victories together in a proper hootenanny. Until then, Happy New Year from all of us at POWHR and across the entire coalition.