Biden Admin Further Endorses Disastrous MVP While Claiming Environmental Justice Support

Washington, D.C. — US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm wrote a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) about the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Secretary Granholm claims the pipeline is critical to the nation’s energy security and the clean energy transition. FERC is the lead federal agency for the MVP project under FAST-41. Granholm released this letter on the same day as Biden’s environmental justice executive order. Biden has expressed support for the pipeline.

Grace Tuttle, Advocacy Director of the Protect Our Water, Heritage, Rights Coalition (POWHR) responded:

“The Biden Administration is showing its two faces… and it’s a bad look. Secretary Granholm’s letter is an environmental justice disgrace that arrived hand-in-hand with Biden’s environmental justice executive order. This letter to FERC reinforces the myth that the MVP would bolster national security and snubs frontline communities calling for a just transition off of fossil fuels. Biden got his job by campaigning on climate but the bulk of his actions show a shocking failure to safeguard the future of the American people.”