MVP Proponent Sen. Manchin Won’t Seek Reelection

Washington, D.C. — Staunch Mountain Valley Pipeline proponent Senator Joe Manchin announced that he will not seek re-election in the Senate. A recent poll found Manchin trailing behind hypothetical Republican candidate for Senate Jim Justice. 

Denali Nalamalapu, Communications Director of the Protect Our Water, Heritage, Rights Coalition (POWHR) responded:

“As the Mountain Valley Pipeline tears into our mountains and streams, we witness firsthand the repercussions’ of Senator Joe Manchin’s insatiable greed. During his time in office, Manchin served the fossil fuel industry and lined his pockets with the payoff. While he parades around his ‘victory’ in fast tracking MVP construction, his real climate legacy is the mortal threat to Appalachians and the planet posed by the unnecessary, reckless, fracked gas project.

“West Virginians deserve a climate champion who will serve their interests in the broader global shift towards a renewable future, not a robber baron who scurries away once he has maxed out his political fossil fuel profits.”