Call to Action: March for Water in Radford, Virginia on August 8!


Virginia Department of Environmental Quality has stated its intent to act with negligence and disregard for public safety by issuing a 401 Water Quality Certification to Mountain Valley Pipeline. By refusing to adhere to its mission of promoting the health and well-being of Virginians and by failing to protect our resources from destruction at the hands of a private company, DEQ has effectively declared open season on rural communities.

No Public Need

The era of ruin-and-run pipeline overbuilding, aided by DEQ, cannot be allowed to continue. The cost of environmental and economic injustice will be borne by the vulnerable few for the sake of the ambitions of shortsighted politicians and greedy corporations.

No Public Input

Active citizens across the Commonwealth and into the Mountain State of West Virginia are rightfully outraged at the trampling of property rights, the insult to rural people, and the exclusion of any real public input during this permitting process.

No Permit

POWHR members are calling for a March for Water to show massive public support for common sense protections from runaway fracking infrastructure. We need everyone.

Stand for your neighbors at this critical time. Stand for the New, Roanoke and James Rivers, for all of our wetlands, fisheries, lakes and recreational areas. Show rural Virginia and West Virginia we will not again sacrifice our fellow citizens to the parasites of the extraction industry.

March for Water!


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