MVP Files Supplement to Environmental Condition No. 32

Mountain Valley Pipeline filed information March 21 to supplement the Implementation Plan for Environmental Condition No. 32. The condition states:

“Prior to construction, Mountain Valley shall file with the Secretary documentation that The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Property Crossing Plan was provided to the TNC for review and comment. (section 8.2.4)”

The March 21 filing offered record of materials sent to The Nature Conservancy, which includes site-specific engineering design documents relating to construction, revegetation, and best management practices for managing soil erosion at stream crossings. MVP also attached drawings showing the erosion and sediment controls that would be put in place. The filing indicates that these attachments were sent to The Nature Conservancy February 28 and March 5, respectively.

In a summary of correspondence with The Nature Conservancy leading up to the date of the filing, MVP stated they had an on-site visit with The Nature Conservancy March 20. During the visit, “Mountain Valley addressed questions and concerns regarding steep slope construction and stabilization, stream crossing methods, landslide mitigation, and erosion and sediment controls,” according to the filing. “Mountain Valley committed to providing additional information to The Nature Conservancy as construction continues.”

Based on the filing, The Nature Conservancy has not yet offered a written comment in the FERC docket.

>> MVP Supplemental Materials Filed 3/21/18