MVP Status Report No. 18 Includes Noncompliance Report, Landowner Complaint

Mountain Valley Pipeline filed Weekly Status Report No. 18 in the FERC Docket March 13.

The report included three Problem Area Reports and one Noncompliance Report.

At a location described only as “9566+00” on Spread F, MVP reported that a tree was cut outside the limit of disturbance February 28. Corrective action was taken the following day in the form of “Remedial Training w/ Contractor” and an indication that the “Contractor [is] to implement a new protocol to paint all trees along edge of LOD that are to be cut.”

Additionally, the owner of what is referred to as tract WV-LE-060 within Spread B called MVP and expressed concerns about impacts to fish and additional tree-cutting that may need to occur. MVP detailed the issue as follows:

Issue: L/O called and expressed concerns: fish ponds in bottom land being affected by silt from pipe construction (ridge-top) as had happened with another pipeline company previously (not MVP); L/O stated he had another outfit mark trees to be cut based on our center-line flagging and did cut timber on MVP ROW but was not same width as recently re-staked by MVP therefore trees were not cut by his timber man.

The resolution was simply a note that Spread B agent will go speak with the landowner in near future.

In the report, MVP indicated that, in the next week, tree felling will continue on Spreads A, F, and G, and will commence on Spreads B and C. Site construction will also continue at the authorized compressor stations and interconnects in West Virginia, as will road construction in the state.

Construction status on compressor stations, interconnects, and pipeline spreads can be found in the full report.

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