MVP Status Report No. 20 Features Seven Landowner Complaints

Mountain Valley Pipeline filed their Weekly Status Report No. 20 March 26. The report includes information from the period between March 10 and March 16.

The report included a total of 16 self-reported Environmental Compliance Reports — 15 Problem Area Reports (PARs) on Spread B and one Noncompliance Report (NCR) on Spread G.

MVP’s report also included seven landowner complaints — one on Spread A, two on Spread G, three on Spread H, and one on Spread I. Among the concerns of landowners are complaints of trees falling outside of the limit of disturbance, trees breaking fences on property as they fall, surveyors leaving property gates open, and letters being sent with inaccurate property descriptions.

Attached to the filing are construction reports indicating the percentage of completion of each stage of construction on each spread, compressor station site, and interconnect site.

MVP indicated that, over the next reporting period, tree felling will continue on Spreads A, B, C, F, G, and H, site construction will continue at the authorized compressor stations and interconnects in West Virginia, and road construction will continue in West Virginia.

MVP Weekly Status Report No. 20