Pick Your Poison: MVP Threatens Health

In this revealing presentation, Dr. Tina Smusz describes the dangers to public health inflicted on communities by construction and operation of fracked gas pipelines and compressor stations.


Every stage of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, from tree clearing through construction and operation, carries pollution. However, it has the most serious consequences for pregnant women, their fetuses, children, and the elderly. Construction creates volatile organic compounds, dust, particulate matter and diesel spills. Operation of the pipeline brings methane leaks, compressor station emissions and high radon levels in the transported fracked gas.

Dr. Smusz has sounded the alarm about the threats to water and health from the Mountain Valley Pipeline in letters to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and presentations to The Virginia State Water Control Board and county governments along the route, and in multiple forums for health professionals. Her warnings have been irresponsibly ignored by regulatory bodies in favor of industry needs and at high cost to public safety. View the entire presentation above and then call your elected representatives in Congress and demand that FERC grant a rehearing based on the commission’s refusal to truly consider public health and public input when recklessly granting Mountain Valley’s Certificate of Necessity and Convenience. Corporate profiteers cannot be allowed unchecked expansion of sacrifice zones in Virginia and West Virginia at the expense of citizens who will be exposed to these deadly poisons and ever present threat of explosion.

Natural Gas Health Impacts Symposium from Physicians for Social Responsibility

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R. Chisholm

Volunteer organizer and pipeline monitor for POWHR and Preserve Giles County. Coffee wrangler.