Preserve Giles Presents VA House of Delegates Candidate Forum

Preserve Giles County Public Forum

House of Delegates 12th District 2017 Election: Joseph Yost and Chris Hurst.


Sponsored by Preserve Giles County

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

7:00 PM

Pearisburg Community Center

1410 Wenonah Ave, Pearisburg, VA

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Preserve Giles County is a citizens group organized to oppose the MVP pipeline, preserve our natural heritage, property rights and to empower Giles citizens in the electoral process.

This forum is a public service. PGC does not take stands for or against any candidate.

The forum is an informal informational meeting, allowing the candidates to educate voters on issues they deem important and their stands on those issues, and to permit local citizens to ask questions, express concerns and provide information to candidates.

The candidates are welcome to discuss issues of importance to them. Below is a list of issues PGC believe are important to the Commonwealth and southwest Virginia.

Legislative Issues 

Interstate gas pipelines in Virginia

Unique threat posed by the MVP to our region

The DEQ Section 401 water quality review for the MVP

Revised survey law to replace Virginia Code Ann § 56-49.01

Click Here to Download: Summary of Revised Survey Law § 56-49.01. (PDF)

The out-sized role of large energy corporations in Virginia politics

Virginia’s Alternative Energy Portfolio

Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling in Virginia

Need for an abandoned pipeline law

Virginia’s preparations for climate change


The moderator will introduce the forum, the candidates, the rules of the forum and guide discussion.

The meeting is divided into two one-hour segments: one for candidates’ opening remarks and one for audience participation. At the end of these sessions, PGC will provide a brief (1/2 hour) social for all those who have attended. Beverages and bake goods will be served.


First Segment (approximately one hour): Candidates will be introduced. Then each candidate will address several issues he/she is running on, in addition to at least two issues of concern to PGC from a list (i.e., see above) that will be presented to the candidates in advance of the forum. Candidates will address their comments directly to the audience. This is not a debate. Exchanges between the candidates will be discouraged by the moderator.

The time limit for each candidate to make his/her opening remarks is 20 minutes.

Second Segment (approximately one-hour): The moderator will read questions submitted in writing during the first segment or allow questions from the floor by raised hands. One question will be permitted per individual (with one follow-up for purposes of clarification) until all members of the audience, who so wish, have had the opportunity to address the candidates.

Questions may be directed to one or more candidates, although both candidates will have the opportunity to respond. The time limit for candidate response per question is 2 minutes.

The moderator will give preference to Giles residents. Each person asking a question will be asked to first state their own name and address. Citizens’ remarks are limited to one minute and must end in a question.

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R. Chisholm

Volunteer organizer and pipeline monitor for POWHR and Preserve Giles County. Coffee wrangler.