Shut It Down – MVP Protest Run Retrospective

Video by Matthew Pickett

Join us for a special panel discussion featuring the MVP Protest Runners, community supporters and other special guests. In late April into early May of this year, a group of three incredible women successfully ran alongside the entire Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) mainline route – in protest of the pipeline’s construction. They ran to elevate the communities in the MVP fight, putting their bodies on the line to declare that we are running out of time to prevent climate catastrophe. The MVP is a 303-mile fracked natural gas, high-pressure, 42-inch diameter pipeline that is slated to originate in Mobley, WV and terminate in Chatham, VA. 

Tune in to see never-before-seen footage and images from the run, hear directly from the runners about what they witnessed on the path of the pipeline and take in the unforgettable stories they heard firsthand. Listen to directly-impacted community members talk about what the MVP Protest Run meant to them, what’s on deck for their communities and how you can get involved from here. The MVP is unneeded, and its unlawful permits are mired in litigation. Construction is wreaking havoc on fragile mountain ecosystems, threatening over 600 remaining water crossings. The fight is far from over —  and stopping the MVP now will prevent climate-wrecking methane from ever flowing through the MVP and the MVP Southgate Extension into North Carolina. During the event we’ll be taking actions to remind the Biden Administration that the MVP’s potential to emit near 90 million metric tons of greenhouse gasses a year is NOT compatible with their climate goals (Oil Change International). 

The MVP Protest Runners are approaching their goal of $15,000 in funds raised, with donations going to the Monacan Indian Nation Cultural Foundation and Protect Our Water Heritage Rights. Can you chip in $5 before the panel event to help them cross the finish line?

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Grace is POWHR's Coordinator. She enjoys gardening and fighting for a fossil-free future from Western Virginia.