“Like a Graveyard.” MVP Rips Through Forests

Clear cut for Mountain Valley Pipeline
Clear cutting continues across Virginia and West Virginia.

Montgomery County, VA resident and Preserve Montgomery County volunteer Lynda Majors submitted the following account of tree felling devastation in the Brush Mountain and Craig Creek area.

Monday the trees were cut from Craig Creek all the way almost to the top of Brush Mountain. This is in the Inventoried Roadless Area of the Jefferson National Forest.

To actually see it is mouth dropping – the destruction – all trees just dropped in the “Right of Way.”  I could see a car going by tonight on Craig Creek Road from where I was standing at the top. This is what the Forest Service decided to do with the people’s forest, an Inventoried Roadless Area, that was supposed to be preserved forever with no tree cutting or road building.

The Forest Management Plan was developed to preserve the land for wildlife, water, and recreation, not to put a bomb in our backyard and destroy with sedimentation and erosion our streams and water supplies.  This destruction is unconscionable and unfathomable to me.

I am a baby boomer. My generation rebelled against our parents and what they were doing to the world with war and the environment. But now we are doing the same thing and are leaving a world that is not fit for our children to live in. Our cities are running out of water, and our oceans are dying.

We have tried so hard for more than 3 years to prevent our corner of Virginia from being another corporate wasteland but we get rolled over at every turn, not because we don’t have science on our side, but because the influence of money is more powerful than science at every level from DEQ to VMRC to BLM to USFS to two Governors and multiple judges.

It is horribly sad for me to realize that the government at every level is against the citizens and our participatory democracy is in name only.

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Brush Mountain Clear Cut for pipeline.
“It’s like a graveyard. Is there no stopping this madness?” -Brush Mountain resident.

MVP Status Report 17 Includes Landowner Complaint

Mountain Valley Pipeline has requested that the FERC Director of the Office of Energy Projects issue a Notice to Proceed with all construction activities for the facilities listed in Attachment A of the request. The company asserts that they have received all permits and authorizations required under federal law to construct the project. Following issuance of the Notice to Proceed, the timing of the actual construction may vary depending upon state permits.

Mountain Valley Pipeline further requested that this Notice to Proceed be issued by March 7, 2018.

The pipeline company also submitted its weekly status report for the prior week indicating that tree felling will continue on Spread A and G. Site construction will also continue at the authorized compressor stations and interconnects in West Virginia. Road construction will continue in West Virginia. Tree Felling activity will commence on Spread F.

According to the report, there are no required schedule changes for waterbody crossings or work in other environmentally sensitive areas. Mountain Valley reported the following landowner complaint:

Issue: Received internal report of tire ruts on access road near entrance to Craig Creek Road. Resolution: Concern future traffic would track sediment onto pavement due to wet soil conditions present on a portion of the access road. Rain was forecasted so out of an abundance of caution “No Access” signs were posted at each entrance to Craig Creek Road. Straw mulch was applied by hand to the rutted area and approximately 60 feet of 12-inch compost filter sock was installed by hand at the edge of the access road between the rutted area and Craig Creek. Spread personnel were instructed the area would be “Drop off only” until further notice.

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Public Hearing: MVP Water Crossing Permits

Despite an online petition circulated by Bold Alliance and hand-signed petitions from POWHR to hold a public hearing along the Mountain Valley Pipeline route, the Virginia Marine Resources Commission will not hold hearings in our communities. Instead, VMRC has announced that a hearing on the MVP water crossings will be held in Newport News, Virginia on Tuesday, January 23rd. The hearing is open to the public and anyone may attend to comment about this risky, fracked-gas pipeline project.

Attend in Person:

Public Hearing: MVP Water Crossings, Tuesday, January 23rd, 9:30AM
VA Marine Resources Commission
2600 Washington Avenue, 4th Floor
Newport News, VA

Send Written Comments:

Public comments can also be made electronically via email  to Randy.Owen@mrc.virginia.gov (Deadline January 22nd @ 5pm.)

Please specify which project you are commenting on (MVP Application Number: 17-1609).

Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP), LLC, (VMRC Application #17-1609) requests authorization to install a natural gas pipeline beneath the bed of 18 streams and/or rivers with drainage areas of greater than five (5) square miles, which are considered to be State-owned subaqueous bottomlands of the Commonwealth, along the designated pipeline corridor in Giles, Montgomery, Franklin, Roanoke and Pittsylvania Counties.


Click Here to View a PDF Map of Water Body Crossings

VMRC Agenda: http://www.mrc.virginia.gov/Commission_Agendas/ca0118.shtm

The link to VMRC permit tracking searchable database is at https://webapps.mrc.virginia.gov/public/habitat/

MVP VMRC Application Number is 17-1609.
When searching, remember to change the date range to 2015-2017.
The original application is under the “Application” tab.
Any revisions, protest letters, letters of support, etc. may be found under the “Additional Docs” tab.