Uphill Climb for MVP?

According to data in Mountain Valley Pipeline’s most recently filed Weekly Report #156 reporting on construction status through October 23, 2020, only 236 miles of pipe (78%) are in place and backfilled, which leaves 67 miles remaining. MVP’s public assertions regarding the completion status of the project appear to include references to compressor stations and other facilities that do not reflect the true linear completion status.  Only 51% of the total mileage is complete to final restoration. Furthermore, the remaining 67 miles of pipe construction consist of “some of the most technically challenging: under and across hundreds of streams, and up and down the notoriously steep slopes of Southwest Virginia.” (Jacob Hileman, Virginia Mercury)

MVP’s reports for Spreads G and H, which include portions of the 25-mile exclusion zone and the Jefferson National Forest, show the project is a long way from final restoration in those sections.

Our analysis of the October 23 status report shows overall “pipes in ground” percentage estimates of 235.89 miles. Below is a snapshot of that analysis. (Download as PDF)