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Nonviolent Direct Action Workshop – Roanoke, VA

Saturday, May 6, 2017 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Unitarian Universalist Church of Roanoke

2015 Grandin Rd SW, Roanoke, VA 24015.

A basic and in-depth training class in the theory and practice of symbolic, strategic, and tactical nonviolent direct action will be conducted in Roanoke on May 6, 2017. If you are contemplating participation in a nonviolent campaign, or if you are considering participation in an act of civil disobedience, we strongly urge you to seek training in methods of nonviolent action.

Class starts at 10:00 am with a lunch break at Noon. Please sign up at:

NVDA Training Registration

Visit Preserve Franklin Facebook Event Page

Survey Law Arguments Heard at Virginia Supreme Court

“Foes of the law and the pipelines contend that the survey statute violates constitutional protections of private property and fails to clearly spell out how landowners should be informed about when surveyors will be on their property.” (Roanoke Times)

“The 2004 state survey law has been challenged in state courts in more than a dozen jurisdictions that would be crossed by the Atlantic Coast Pipeline or the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline in western Virginia, but the two appeals offered the high court a first look at the statute.” (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Virginia DEQ to Require Water Quality Certification for Pipeline Projects with Public Comments/Hearings

“The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality reported Thursday that it will require the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline project to provide details about individual crossings of streams and wetlands to demonstrate that the crossings will comply with state water quality standards.” (Roanoke Times)

“The decision will require extensive review of hundreds of affected waterways, potentially delaying the construction of the two proposed multibillion-dollar projects.” (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Mountain Valley Pipeline Final Environmental Impact Statement Delayed Until June

“Pipeline opponents described the delayed release as a potentially positive development.

Laurie Ardison resides in Monroe County, West Virginia, one of the counties that would be on the pipeline route. She is active in Protect Our Water, Heritage, Rights (POWHR), an anti-pipeline coalition.

Ardison said the delay is both appropriate and necessary because FERC has failed to adequately review the information that has been submitted by Mountain Valley Pipeline and others.

‘What scientific research and reports have made clear is that MVP is attempting to construct a pipeline for which no need exists, through multiple areas of unbuildable terrain,’ Ardison said.” (Roanoke Times)

West Virginia DEQ Issues Water Certification

“West Virginia environmental authorities have issued a water quality certification for the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline, which would carry natural gas down the center of West Virginia for 195 miles.”

More at West Virginia Public Broadcasting

FERC Files 24 Page Request For More Information From MVP

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has filed yet another request for additional information from Mountain Valley Pipeline, seeking detailed responses within 10 days of a March 20, 2017 letter. Requested information includes project specific topics on Water Resources, Wetlands, Fisheries, Wildlife, Vegetation, Endangered Species, and Cultural Resources.

PDF version of the FERC request can be accessed at the link below.

20170320-3003(32041858) Post-DEIS Info Request 2