Mountain Valley Watch (MVW), a collaboration of volunteers, nonprofits, and private interests, will observe and document construction activity of the Mountain Valley Pipeline to assure compliance with environmental regulations during construction.

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The MVW will monitor the Mountain Valley Pipeline for problems during construction: water source contamination, slope failure, soil erosion into waterbodies, stream channel damage, and damage to adjacent properties. Violations of erosion control regulations observed during construction will be documented and reported to responsible agencies for corrective action.

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Program Mission

MVW will perform aerial and field monitoring during pipeline construction, working with a broad-based collaboration of:

  • Local residents, landowners, and concerned citizens
  • Engineering and scientific experts
  • Nonprofit organizations and environmental groups
  • Virginia Tech students

Program Elements

  • Management of aerial and field observation information
  • GIS mapping of critical areas and violations
  • Water quality/stream monitoring data collection

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