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Defend your communities!  Safeguard the quality of life we share. Preserve our region’s greatest asset: its natural resources, the source of our vibrant outdoor economy that makes our region an attractive destination for tourism and the highly trained workforce essential to robust, growing medical and information industries.

Sign the Pledge to Resist MVP! 


Learn about the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline – study it.  If you are already informed, become more informed. These are key documents to review:

  • The DEIS and two volumes of appendices. (LINK)
  • Proposed amendments to Land and Resource Management Plan for Jefferson National Forest. (LINK to FERC Documents) (LINK to USFS/BLM Documents)
  • The Kastning report on the geologic hazards in the path of the proposed MVP that should make our region a “No Build Zone.” (LINK)
  • The Key-Log Economics reports showing how MVP LLC inflated estimated benefits of the MVP and ignored the even greater costs to our region. (LINK)
  • The Synapse Energy Economics study of whether the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast pipelines really are necessary. (LINK)
  • Detailed analysis of FERC’s proposed USFS Plan amendments and 500 foot wide utility corridor. (LINK)
  • US House and Senate versions of Energy Policy Modernization Act. (Senate Version, House Version)
  • Revolution Now: The Future Arrives for Five Clean Energy Technologies (LINK)


  • Comment to FERC.
    • We have until December 22 to respond to its Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).
    • Write to FERC referencing Docket Number CP16-10-000.
    • Electronic filing: At go to eComment under the link to Documents and Filings to file brief, text-only comments.
    • Another option is eFiling, which allows varied formats for comments. New users of eFiling must register at eRegister.
    • By mail: A paper copy can be sent to: Kimberly Bose, secretary, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 888 First Street N.E., Room 1A, Washington D.C. 20426.
  • Oppose the proposed amendments to the USFS Management Plan! Send comments to FERC! (LINK)
  • Sign Petition demanding that the USFS reject amendments to Jefferson National Forest management plan and further reject MVP permit. (LINK)
  • Use contacts below to demand that Congress strip out the language mandating interstate “Utility Corridors” in the pending energy bill! 
  • Join or fund the “Preserve” group, conservancy or environmental nonprofits in your area. (LINK)
  • Testify at The People’s Hearing Investigating FERC (LINK)
  • Become a water monitor: (LINK)



House of Delegates Complete Roster:

Senate Complete Roster:

Senator Mark Warner:

Senator Tim Kaine:

Governor Northam:

West Virginia

House of Delegates Complete Roster:

Senate Complete Roster:


West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection:

President Trump

Contact cooperating government agencies

U.S. Forest Service: (MVP Information) (Contact Form) (Email:
Bureau of Land Management: (Directory) (Email:
Corp of Engineers: (Contact Form) (Email: