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POWHR is a Community Partner with Virginia Organizing.

Virginia Organizing is our 501(c)(3) nonprofit partners through our Joint Plan of Work and accepts donations on our behalf through Network for Good. To Donate Online, select POWHR (as shown in the image below) from the drop-down menu on Virginia Organizing’s Online Donation Page. Thank You!

Virginia Organizing is officially registered with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, P.O. Box 1163, Richmond, VA 23209. You can write to this Department for all relevant financial statements and procedures regarding the solicitation of contributions. 

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To donate by check, please make checks Payable to VIRGINIA ORGANIZING (Write “POWHR” on Memo Line) to:

POWHR Coalition
PO Box 809

102 Progress St.
Pembroke, VA 24136-9998

POWHR member groups have maintained constant pressure on regulators and pipeline builders through traditional and social media outlets, publishing regular media statements and letters. We have made the tools of the Mountain Valley Watch program available to our environmental justice allies across Appalachia in solidarity with groups organizing against further expansion of fracked gas infrastructure. Through our websites and structured organizing calls, we maintain nearly constant contact with impacted landowners, allied nonprofits, and the public and have built a strong base to mobilize for environmental and climate justice. Your support helps us amplify the voices of our communities as we demand accountability from government and industry to prevent harm to people, land, and water, from climate-wrecking pipelines.

In our ninth year of this campaign against unnecessary and destructive fossil fuel infrastructure, our coalition is as strong as ever thanks to the perseverance of our member groups, directly impacted residents, and volunteers willing to keep constant watch over the pipeline project. By documenting and reporting the failures of regulatory agencies and contractors through the Mountain Valley Watch program we are building a record of evidence that Mountain Valley Pipeline never should have been permitted to construct through Virginia and West Virginia and should be stopped once and for all.

Thank you for your continued support!