FERC Environmental Compliance Monitoring Report Feb 25-Mar 3

FERC released a third Environmental Compliance Monitoring Program weekly summary reports for the Mountain Valley Pipeline March 22. The report details activities from the period of February 25 to March 3.

For the time period covered in the report, FERC monitors issued 25 reports labeled “acceptable,” 14 communication reports, one approved level one variance, and one approved level two variance. The Compliance Monitors inspected the following activities:

  • Spread A – Observed tree climber clearing crews and timber felling activities within Spread A.
  • Spread B – Coordinated with Environmental Inspectors regarding the placement of signage for sensitive environmental features; identified access roads and took pre-construction photographs of sensitive environmental resources along the project right-of way; observed staking crews, evidence of landowner logging near MP 58.7; identified low water crossings.
  • Spread C – Met with Environmental Inspectors and West Virginia Department of Environmental Quality staff regarding logging activity and issues with access road AR-09- 001; observed installation of signage along access roads, survey, and staking of boundaries of approved construction.
  • Spread D – Coordinated with Environmental Inspectors; observed landowner logging activity near waterbody S-E52; observed survey and staking crews and sign installation; attended a tree felling safety training.
  • Spread E – Coordinated with Environmental Inspectors and attended safety training; reviewed alignment sheets; observed survey, staking, and wetland delineation crews.
  • Spread F – Coordinated with Lead Environmental Inspector regarding a potential resource at MP 182.6; met with members of the Karst Mitigation Team and reviewed the Karst Mitigation Plan; observed survey and staking crews; followed up with Environmental Inspectors regarding tree felling crews that have been cutting and felling trees outside of the limits of disturbance.
  • Spread G – Inspected tree felling (hand felling) activities; located and identified right-of-way crossings and access roads.
  • Spread H – No substantive activity conducted by Mountain Valley.
  • Spread I – No substantive activity conducted by Mountain Valley. Compliance Monitor became familiar with the Project area and permit requirements.

The Compliance Monitors also inspected construction activities at the Harris, Bradshaw, and Stallworth Compressor Stations.

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